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Pregnancy Milestone Disc Sets - Celestial

Pregnancy Milestone Disc Sets - Celestial

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Weather this is your first pregnancy or last, you will won't to capture every precious moment along the way!

Our milestone discs are perfect photo props for each stage of your pregnancy, from your weekly bump shots. These a great baby shower gift too! 

Mini Set (6pcs) includes:

  • "Weeks" Disc
  • Can't Wait to meet you
  • Ultrasound Day
  • Heard your heartbeat
  • Felt First Kick
  • Due Date

Deluxe Set (10pcs) includes:

  • Full mini set (listed above)
  • We've been keeping a little secret
  • Can't see my toes
  • Still Pregnant
  • Welcome little one

Each disc measures approx. 11cm in diameter, made from 3mm ply wood.

Our weeks disc measures 15cm in diameter, made from 3mm ply and 3mm gloss white acrylic. Simply write how many weeks you are with a white board marker. No need to store several different discs, plus can be used again and again! 

Handmade in Western Australia. Orders take approximately 2 weeks to create.

Care Instructions: Please spot clean with a damp cloth as necessary, allow to dry completely prior to storing.

Photo Credit:  @casey_marie214 @madi_swan12

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