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Wooden Rattan Look Decor - Ballet Theme

Wooden Rattan Look Decor - Ballet Theme

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Unleash your little dancer's dreams with these stunning Wooden Rattan Look Ballerinas! Perfect for a ballet themed bedroom, these dreamy wall decors will let your little one spin and twirl with the grace of a ballerina. So take a bow, place these beautiful ballet slippers on the shelf and be a part of your daughter's dance!

Each ballerina is approximately 19cm tall. 
- Ballet Slippers measure approximately 20cm high, including stand..
- Dance sign measures approximately 21cm high by approximately 15cm wide with stand.

Attached to any flat surface with 3M tape or blutak. Handmade in Western  Australia.  Orders take approximately 5 business days to create.

Care Instructions: Please spot clean with a damp cloth as necessary, allow to dry completely prior to storing. Keep floral arrangements away from direct sunlight. 

Photo Credit: @the.howard.clan @casey_marie214 

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